Google Business Group Dubai at the SME's Congress & Expo in Abu Dhabi

Middle East has overcome the social revolutions of the beginning of the century, and is adopting the digital transformation into their businesses and enterprises. It's a revolution taking place in all ecosystems, but this time has nothing to do with political and religious revolts. It's all about business. To those who live in United Arab Emirates, mostly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, since the beginning of the century or the last few years. Have seen a big growth in the digital and mobile industry. Where entrepreneurs are taking the lead and betting for a digital evolution in the middle east. 

Google Business Group Dubai is supporting the SME's Congress & Expo Middle East in Abu Dhabi, with a workshop to inspire the traditional businesses and entrepreneurs in the region. The Digital Revolution is Now: MENA, is an very visual and statistical workshop that tries to open the eyes of those whom are not taking advantage of the changes that are taking place in this part of the world.

As a community of professionals, GBG Dubai helps businesses, sme's, startups and entrepreneurs to develop the transition from a traditional into a digital business. By teaching web technologies for business success, we connect, inform and inspire the ecosystem to the next digital level. 

SoLoMo (Social, Local and Mobile) & e-Commerce

Focusing in the SoLoMo concept, the western countries are developing new ways to communicate, connect, interact and engage with their customers. The social and collaborative economy has change the way we search, buy and stay in touch with our favorite brands and relatives. By sharing ideas, products, services, news or any other issue that is susceptible to be share. Every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. And this information comes from the founder of Google in 2010. Where social media and digital penetration was mostly in USA and Europe. Now, at the end of 2013, more countries around the world are using mobile as the preferred way to connect to the internet. But we are only 1 billion of people connected, imagine what will happen when all the other 5 billion people gets connected? 

In MENA region, the stats are amazing. With 90 millions of internet users, 88% of them surf on the internet daily. Where KSA is the country with highest penetration in the world in Twitter. UAE is the country with the highest internet penetration in the region with 75%. That allows everyone to be connected at anytime, anywhere with anyone. The power of mobile is growing and businesses have to think global, but act local at the same time. Still 85% of the companies don't have a corporate website. So imagine how many of those have a content marketing strategy. Or have a social media presence to connect and engage with the customers at their safest and closest place, their social profiles. 

E-Commerce is growing at a very good speed, but still only represent the 3% of all sales in MENA. The actual system has to evolve, with legislations and regulations. Introducing new players in the game to make the industry more flexible and available for the consumer. There are many opportunities for MENA's SMEs, but the startups are leading the change. All the digital ecosystem is flourishing, and in the next years we will see a huge chain reaction in all sectors. As happened in the western countries in the early 2000's.

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The Digital Advertising Ecosystem: how to make it work for you

The other day, we had the honor to present in GBG Dubai, Tariq El-Haj Omar (Strategic Partner Manager for Google MENA). And his workshop "The Digital Advertising Ecosystem: how to make it work for you".

As we promised, here is the presentation and keynotes from him. Hope you find it as interesting and helpful as the attendees, and myself did.

The Digital Advertising Ecosystem: how to make it work for you



Launching Google Business Group in Dubai

The 18th of November we launched the Google Business Group Dubai (GBG Dubai), a community of business professionals sharing knowledge about Google web technologies for business success. Helping businesses, SME's, start-ups, entrepreneurs and professionals to develop the transition from a traditional to a digital business. 

We CONNECT-INFORM-INSPIRE through monthly workshops around Dubai, putting together people to learn, create connections, deals and business flow. We talk from people to people, with business cases and studies. For you to learn how to obtain the best ideas and apply them into your business or career. 

A non-profit organization related and created by Google. Helping the community to learn from the most successful companies and professionals. We allow partners and collaborators to contribute with the community in many different ways. Join and become a partner with GBG Dubai, and lets make Dubai the most important digital hub in the world. 

Focused on digital and technological trainings, we cover all aspects of this three main fields: 

- Google World and Ecosystem: training businesses and professionals in the power of Google Services, such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Plus, Google Hangouts, Google Apps for Businesses, Collaborative Google Services (Docs, SpreadSheets, Presentations, Gmail, Drive) and many more. 

- Digital Business & Digital Marketing: the world has evolve from an industrial economy into a digital and technological economy. The online world gets fused with the physical aspect of our daily life. Social economy and people's empowering has lead to a new business ecosystem, and the way people and businesses communicate with them selfs. Thats why we talk about all aspects that a business needs to take care of in a digital era:

- Website & Blog Development
- App Development & Ecosystem
- Mobile Marketing & Advertising
- Social Media Marketing 
- Community Management
- Online Communication & Media
- Content & Inbound Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization
- Search Engine Marketing
- Online & Social Advertising
- eCommerce, mCommerce & sCommerce
- Web & Social Analytics
- Big Data Collectors & Analytics
- CRM's & Social CRM's 
- Affiliate Marketing
- Social Networking & PR
- Digital & Social Recruiting
- Entrepreneurial & Start-up Ecosystem

An many more... 

- Gamification Techniques: gaming has been the most intrinsic and extrinsic motivator to learn process since the beginning of the Human Being. By applying game dynamics and mechanics to non game processes, we can develop a whole new way to achieve objectives and goals in any field. Business cases from the best companies applying this techniques into their core business and loyalty programs will be given with keynotes in our full day workshop programs. 

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