Mohamad Mourad: Regional Manager at Google MENA
Managing with great success the biggest internet company in the world, facing the limitations of internet in the Arab countries. Ex principal at Booz&Co and many other companies in the digital and non-digital field.

Rania Hadi: Outreach Manager at Google MENA
Managing the different programs for Google in the region, as the Entrepreneurs and Student Program. Chapter Champion for the GBG and GDG MENA region
Saad Kayyali: Google Developers Group Manager Dubai. 
Where he teach and evangelize Google technologies for general users and developers. Entrepreneur, speaker and trainer.

Kamal Hassan: President and Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) of Innovation 360, an innovation management and operation advisory group that works with private and public entities throughout the world.

Víctor Madueño: Google Business Group Manager for Dubai. 
Entrepreneur with almost 10 years of experience building companies around the world. Digital business and digital marketing trainer and consultant, focused on the Gamification industry at Intelify.

Tariq El Haj Omar: Strategic Partner Manager Google MENA
Developing Google's publisher partnership in the MENA region. Advertising Ecosystem for publishers, online media, agencies, magazines and bloggers.